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Murlough is cared for as Ireland's first nature reserve since 1967, the fragile 6000 year old sand dune system offers some lovely walks. Due to the reserves wild nature you can discover birds, flowers, butterflies and more, all overlooked by the rounded peaks of the Mourne Mountains to the south.

Monday, 5 August 2013

End Of An Era

The last couple of weeks we have seen quite a change up for volunteers. After 9 and 5 months of working here, Rose and Claire have headed back to Bristol to continue their studies. They were brilliant workers, and for me they were amazing people to live with. Rose will be missed for her creative flare which brightened the place up, and her hypnotic poying skills. Her hard work (huge understatement) putting together the beetle collection for Murlough, and her devotion to our wood pile where hugely appreciated. We couldn't have gotten through those cold days without her. Claire will be missed for her adorable little laugh at the end of every sentence (regardless of her mood), as well as her excelent team leader qualities, and helping to keep our office running. Not forgetting her impecable cleanliness, obsessive attention to PPE, and lossing things every other day (we are still finding your things Claire). They are going to be very missed around here.

We did of course have a small leaving do for them, as pictured below. On a different note, two of our other volunteers, Kerri and Rebekah have now moved into the volunteer accomadation, and we are also joined by a new volunteer from England, Zoe, and so a new era begins. 

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