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Murlough is cared for as Ireland's first nature reserve since 1967, the fragile 6000 year old sand dune system offers some lovely walks. Due to the reserves wild nature you can discover birds, flowers, butterflies and more, all overlooked by the rounded peaks of the Mourne Mountains to the south.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Hello everybody :)
Are you intrested in whats going on this week?!
Here are some impressions:

On Monday, we spend all our time to refill our firewood stock to be prepared for cold winterdays. 

The collage on the right shows our empty stock on the left, the process of chopping and stackeling logs in the middle and the refilled stock at the end of the day on the right.

On Thuesday and Wednesday (06th and 07 of December) we attend a GPS course in Castle Ward. At the beginning, we learned something about the theory of GPS (global positioning system). After an introduction in the right use of GPS device (photo on the left), we have got the opportunity to practice the handling by complete different exercises (photos on the right).
Maybe it looks like Daria and I are looking on our mobile phones in the photo above - but in fact we were very concentrated on our GPS devices. We have learnt to find positions given by coordinates and to mark the position of objects and trails and calculate areas by using GPS. The photo below shows the whole Murlough-crew during a field exercice. At the end of the course, we have learned to transfer our collected datas in Google earth and to create easy maps. Furthermore, we remembered, that GPS data are not perfect and you have to consider their limits and faults when you work with them. In any case, the course was a good experience and is maybe the start of work more with GPS and mapping in Murlough.

Hi :)
To Tell you what's going on in Murlough, we will show you some pictures - sometimes they explain more than the words ;)

The old boardwalk, while the constructions and the repaired boardwalk.
The boardwalk before, while and after the constructions.

While Daria and Fergus were doing site patrol with Pete on monday, Tom and I repaired two sections of the wooden boardwalks to the beach.
The Picture on the right shows the path at the beginning, the middle and the end of the work. We removed the mouldered wooden planks and substituted them with new ones.

Fergus and Tom transport soil for pathbuilding

On Thuesday, We were at the Mourne Mountains. We adjusted the walking path by moving stones and transport some soil to create a more comfortable natural looking trail


Till Christmas, we will do a horticulture course together with the volunteers from Castel Ward. On our first meeting, we did some theory, while the second meeting was filled with more practical exercises.

With a model example of an organized packed trailer for brush cutting and burning....

The area when we a arrived, while working and after work.

... the last days of the week we went to the dunes to continue our work "against" the gorse.